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12 Hour Legacy Speckle Park Online Sale

Lots Open: 4/1/21 8:00 AM (CDT)
Lots Closed: 4/1/21 8:28 PM (CDT)

Auction Closeout

All lots for this event will close at the same time. If a bid is placed within 5 minutes of the closing time, closing times for that event will be extended to 5 minutes after that bid. This continues until no bids are placed for 5 minutes.


Seller Contact Information

Josh Vogel
PO Box 427
Theodore, SK S0A4C0
(306) 647-2140
(306) 621-4035

Auction Location

Josh Vogel
Legacy Speckle Park Online Bull & Female Sale
PO Box 427
Theodore, SK S0A4C0
(306) 647-2140

Terms and Conditions

DVAuction Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions of the sale shall constitute a legal contract  between buyer and seller and be equally binding by both parties. 

ORDER BUYING:We welcome you to visit the farm prior to the sale to view our sale lots and our cattle herd. If  you cannot get away for a look or do not have access to the internet, you can have Josh personally handle your  purchase. Call him with your specific needs and discuss the offering. Josh will gladly assist you with your sale  selections and represent you on our sale day. With this option we guarantee full satisfaction upon delivery or you  don’t own them. Josh Vogel (306) 647-2140 or (306) 621-4035. 

INSURANCE: Each animal becomes the risk of the purchaser at the time of sale, but every precaution will be taken  for their welfare. Contact your local insurance provider to arrange coverage on your new purchase. 

HEALTH GUARANTEES:All registered bulls are guaranteed breeders and in good breeding condition. All bulls  are semen tested and guaranteed to be breeders. Legacy Speckle Park does not guarantee bulls will pass all  testing required to draw exportable semen or that semen will freeze. All animals are on a full vaccination program  as well, full details can be requested. Each animal becomes the responsibility of the purchaser as soon as it is  sold. Buyer and Seller will receive a written and signed document that explains the entire details of this guarantee.  Heifers have been palpated free of reproductive issues and show signs of normal reproductive development and  maturity. 

SEMEN RIGHTS:In order to avoid any confusion or conflict, we are fully transparent with the details of joint semen  ownership in order to protect the rights of both the Buyer and Seller. All Legacy Speckle Park Inc. bulls are sold  with the following conditions; 

1. Legacy Speckle Park Inc. will retain 50% semen interest in all bulls selling.  

2. The buyer is entitled to collect semen for use within their own herd only. Own herd use semen is stipulated as  semen which is for use within the buyers own herd. Semen used outside of the buyers or Legacy Speckle Park herd is considered semen which is marketed and therefore is subject to 50% semen interest conditions and 50%  revenue will be shared with the other party.  

3. If or when Legacy Speckle Park Inc. bulls are drawn for the buyers own herd use, Legacy Speckle Park Inc. will  be allowed to draw an equal amount of “same” type semen for their use at their expense at that time. (ie) in-herd,  exportable, etc.  

4. All bulls are sold with Legacy Speckle Park Inc. having joint semen marketing control. Every effort will be made  to market the semen jointly, but if the buyer or Legacy Speckle Park Inc. sell any semen individually the other party  is entitled to 50% revenue.  

5. If a bull is re-sold by the buyer, Legacy Speckle Park Inc. retained interests persist with the new owner. It is the  responsibility of the current owner to make the next owner aware of the semen rights agreement that continues on  with the bull.  

6. Upon sale of bulls going directly to be drawn for semen, a signed document from both parties will accompany  the bull to the desired semen collection facility. This will be done to avoid confusion by the third party collecting  and freezing semen and to protect the rights of both the buyer and Legacy Speckle Park Inc.  

7. Legacy Speckle Park Inc. will remain on the registration papers as 50% semen interest owners.

PAYMENT:No payments are made online. Full payment shall be made within 5 days of final sale in Canadian  Dollars by bank transfer or priority post a bank draft to: Legacy Speckle Park Inc., Box 427, Theodore,  Saskatchewan, Canada, S0A 4C0. Please contact us to make alternative payment arrangements. Initial invoice  and receipts will be done by email, and original hard copies will be sent afterwards.  

DELIVERY:Free delivery on bulls within 120 miles, anything over the free delivery distance is done at cost. If  taking advantage of the delivery option, then bulls MUST be insured. The bulls will be delivered prior to April 15,  2021. The heifers are expected to be picked up at the ranch by the buyer.